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Cash Registers

sam4s logoSAM4s provides many different systems to fit any industries needs. Across the board, they feature intuitive keyboards and touch screens in order to provide fast and simple service. Each system has a type of service it caters to, in order to go above and beyond what you expect a POS system to do. For example the registers pictured below are part of the SPS-300 Series. Within this series SAM4s has made SPS-345 for Retail Merchants and SPS-320 for Food Service. The SPS-320 has 150 key locations to accommodate large menus with a preset key for each menu item to facilitate fast and accurate receipts. If the menu changes from meal to meal the key sheet under the overlay can be switched out. It is also a flat, spill-resistant keyboard, in consideration for your business needs.


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We provide complete information management solutions including software, hardware, system integration, consulting and support.

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